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"Imagine Having a Home, Life, and Schedule Free of Clutter"

A world where...

Check  You're not overwhelmed and suffocated by disorganization.

Check  You have more free time to spend with family and friends and to do the things you love.

Check  You save money because you no longer have to constantly replace lost items.

Check You're ready to welcome unexpected guests in your home, with no embarrassing mess to explain away.

Check You don't feel pulled in a zillion directions because you only commit to activities that you enjoy and that your schedule can handle.

Check  You find what you need when you need it – in seconds!

Check You set a positive example for your children, so they want to help your home stay organized.

Check  Your friends say "I wanna have a home like yours! You've got it all together."

"Stop Imagining It and Start Living It"

It's time to stop imagining all these things and start living them!

The clutter-free life that you desire is easily within your reach. I'm Carmen Coker, award-winning professional organizer and owner of Clutterbugs, and I want to help you get organized and stay organized, giving you maintainable systems to create a comfortable space and lifestyle for yourself and your family.

Whether you're 25-years old or 50, a stay-at-home-mom or career gal, living in a city-center studio apartment or 3BR home in suburbia, just a little cluttered or a pack rat, you'll discover practical answers to your organizing problems, whatever they might be.

You'll save money, create more space, and manage your time – more easily than you ever thought possible.

"Clutterbugs Is Your Ultimate Source for All Things Organized"

Get ready for a new sense of freedom! The weight of clutter in your home, habits, and schedule will finally be lifted from your shoulders.

If that sounds good to you, I'd like to introduce you to a few resources that can help you reach your organizing goals. Simply browse through the organizing store or check out the available organizing services to see if anything meets your needs and is a good fit for you. And if you are considering hiring a professional organizer, then be sure to sign up for a FREE 15-MINUTE CONSULT with me.

And since you stopped by, I'd also like to offer you a thank-you gift to start you on your way to a lighter, more organized life. Grab your copy of the "FREE Tip Kit: 10+ Pages of Tips & Tools to Help You Get Organized – Finally!" right now (see the yellow box in the top right corner of this page).

Respectfully yours,

Carmen Coker

Carmen Coker

Professional Organizer


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